The current research areas of the Nuclear Technology Laboratory are:

  • Emerging nuclear fuel cycles (LWR high burnup fuels, recycling & transmutation fuel cycles): nuclear data validation, transmutation rates, radiation protection of fresh and spent fuels, reactor core control, environmental consequences from a reactor accident.
  • Nuclear Security-Nuclear forensics Discriminating spent nuclear fuels from different origins (isotopic fingerprinting, commercial reactor/fuel combinations, multivariate statistical procedure based on compositions of spent fuels, as fingerprints, from reactor physics calculations and PIE: Localisation and depth determination of buried radioactive sources.
  • Nuclear safeguards Design of experimental setups using MCNP for the in-situ analysis of radioactive material. Development of techniques.
  • Environmental radioactivity Measurement of naturally occurring isotopes in water and soil through laboratory and portable HPGe gamma spectrometry. Measurement of Cs in air, sea water and soil following nuclear fallout through laboratory HPGe gamma spectrometry. Measurement of radon in water, soil and diurnal variation (modeling) in air.
  • Non-destructive testing using neutron/gamma radiography and tomography Design of appropriate experimental setups using MCNP. Development of techniques.