PhD theses

PhD theses of the Nuclear Technology Laboratory

• Tervisidis F., “Simulation Models of cold neutron collection in a bottle and the Half Life Calculation of Neutron”, – 1990.
• Koukoulis D., “Design Parameters of Ionized Gases Based on Kinetic Equations”, – 1999.
• Papastergiou A., “Electromagnetic Methods for decalcification of Pineal. Effects of Pineal calcification onn CNS dysfunction”, – 1999.
• I. Sarris, “Superheated plasma in Dynamic Magnetic Fields”, – 2003.
• Seftelis J., “Changes in the concentration of radon and its progenies in the open air”, – 2007.
• Fantidis I., “Optimum design of a mobile device for nondestructive testing of 3-dimensional objects using nuclear radiation”, – 2010.
• Dallas G., “Characterization of optical luminescent dosimeters”, – 2010.