Master Theses

Master theses from the Nuclear Technology Laboratory

  • •  Adamopoulos M.,’Determination of available solar power in the region of Xanthi and Utilisation’, – 2003.
    • Yakoumis A.,’Design and construction of small dimensions, layout probit nuclear radiation’, – 2003.
    • Dallas G.,’Response Study of Crystalline Materials – Detectors in Radiation Physics and Radiation Fields’ – 2004.
    • Fantidis I.,’Study and Design of a Mobile Device for Measuring Radioactivity in Environmental Samples Using Monte Carlo’, – 2005.
    • Lambrou G.,’Contribution of high-level waste Management in Production of Electricity from Nuclear Power Stations’, – 2006.
    • Stergides K.,’Feasibility parameters of nuclear power reactors’ – 2008
    • Koutsoupas N.,’Optimum design of mobile device for detecting radioactivity frpm 3-dimensional objects’, – 2008.
    • Kouvalaki C.,’Determination of the origin of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants’, – 2009.
    • G. Xanthopoulos,’Simulation of radioactivity measurement in the environment following a nuclear accident’, – 2009.
    • Karamouza A., ‘Risk assessment from the radioactive releases from a power plant’, – 2011.